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Change Fonts And Colours Of Any Website. Change View of any website. How to change my website view

  • Thursday, May 12, 2011
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    Internet is becoming like one of the basic needs in the present time. Whether the person is a professional or a school going child, they have to go through various web page. In that case if the web page seems to be boring we don’t like to proceed further with our work. The same appearance of the web page eliminates all the interest in the work we are doing. So, you should try Change Colors to make the webpage appear in the way you like. It will surely generate interest in your work as well.

    Change Colors is a google chrome extension which is available free of cost. As the name suggests, you can change the color of the required web page. You can easily download and install the application from the link given at the end. The application will be installed in few seconds and will be present in the address bar of the chrome browser. The snapshot of the extension after installation has been displayed in the snapshot below.

    Change Colors Adjust your preferences - Google Chrome_2011-05-01_23-50-55


    Let us see the process how to use the application. You have to simply click on the icon and the three options will appear to you for the change in color. You can change the color either based on the current page or the domain or for all the pages currently opened. Select any of the options from the list that appears.

    The user can change the settings also for further spacification as shown in the snapshot below. Right Click on the icon and select the options.Select whether the web page fonts and wen page colors are to be used or not. Then you can change the colors of background, text, links and visited links. Click on the color tab given in front of the corresponding options. Select the color from the pop-up window. Also, you can select whether the images and flash objects are to be displayed or not.

    Install Change Colors


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