Thursday, May 12, 2011


“Osama Bin Laden Death Video” Not Playing On Facebook–It is a Spam Attack

  • Thursday, May 12, 2011
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    As the two sides of the coins, Facebook also has its own pros and cons. The latest links, videos andphotographs helps us to keep us updated. But at the same time if we think about the Facebook spams, the number is no less. The users has been opting the unfaithful ways to get their job completed. There have been a lot of precautions taken to avoid the unwanted activities. But still they dig out a way. Counting theFacebook scams we have one more added to the list. Shocking NEW VIDEO of Osama Bin Ladens Death!!


     It is nothing but again an attempt to get the survey forms filled. The users unaware of the fact fill the form to have an access to the video. In the long chain of Facebook spams, we have seen that the defaulter either create a breaking news of its own or get it done with some upcoming news. This time they created the hike of a non existing instrument. They claim to display the video of the Most Wanted terrorist’s death. Of course, everyone is interested to know all the minute details. Any such video will attract a large number of viewers. And the users used it in the incorrect way.

    Here, it is advised that the users also need to be a bit careful. If any such video was actually available, the news must have covered it for sure. Though it may be a bit later but it can’t stay away from the news channels. But if they have clicked on the link, the user will have a new post on your wall. So, to maintain thesecurity and being the well – wisher  of your friends, you must always delete any such post as soon as you are aware about the one.

    We have seen a long list of Facebook spams in past also. Some of the recent spams are: See What You Look In FutureGet Your Facebook Account VerifiedTV reporter had a stroke like and the list goes on and on. These spams prove to be very annoying especially when the user finally gets to know that the result is going to be nil for them. So, better option is take the correct step. Remove all these fake elements as soon as it is posted either on your wall or your friends. So, keep enjoying your favorite social network and just try to maintain the security along with that.




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